Terms & Conditions

The Buyer is to be known as the (purchaser/recipient).
The Seller is to be known as (SingleShotBulletJewelry) and or (SingleShotBulleryJewelry.Com)

The listed products on this website, (SingleShotBulletJewelry), are produced and sold as novelty jewelry and gifts.

By agreeing to purchase items on this website, the (purchaser/recipient) acknowledge that you have Read and Agreed with the below-listed Terms & Conditions.

Be it known that SingleShotBulletJewelry is selling the described products by conveyance of the World Wide Web, SingleShotBulletJewelry can offer no warranties, guarantees or promises that the transfer of the sold items to the (purchaser/recipient) territory will completely comply with the laws or regulations of the buyers (purchaser/recipient) territory.

It is the sole responsibility of the (purchaser/recipient) to have a complete understanding and knowledge of the laws and regulations of his or her territory regarding products or items that include ammunition components.

You, the (purchaser/recipient), agree completely and without exception, to keep SingleShotBulletJewelry indemnified in full and on demand from and against all and any claims, losses, costs, legal costs and expenses suffered or incurred by SingleShotBulletJewelry, arising out of, or in connection with any breach of the warranties set out in Clause 1 above.

You, the (purchaser/recipient), acknowledge that you are aware that some components may contain sharp parts and even lead. While SingleShotBulletJewelry has made all attempts to seal any lead present, SingleShotBulletJewelry is not liable for any exposure that you encounter, as you acknowledge that you are aware of and accept said risk.

SingleShotBulletJewelry shall not be liable to you or any (purchaser/recipient) of the products for any kind of injury, loss or damage that may be suffered or claimed by you or any (purchaser/recipient) of the products or items, whether such losses or damages, are suffered directly or indirectly or are immediate or consequential.

You, the (purchaser/recipient), hereby acknowledge that the products and items on this website, known as SingleShotBulletJewelry, occasionally and or frequently include ammunition components. In such, these products or items are capable of causing alarm, distress, and injury if sent maliciously and/or delivered to a person(s) who do not portray or understand the receipt of these products or items in the manner for which they are intended.

You accept and endorse that you, the (purchaser/recipient) are purchasing products or items from this website, SingleShotBulletJewelry, as novelty jewelry and gifts and have made all ligament attempts to be confident that any (purchaser/recipient) will realize and accept that these are novelty gift products or items.

SingleShotBulletJewelry reserves the right to refuse to supply or sell any items or products where it has legitimate and plausible belief the purchase is being done and accomplished with malicious and/or criminal intent.