Bullet Pens

Our bullet pens are not unique but are hand made in the USA. These bullet pens are not a cheap, mass produced China knock off. Each pen will be built one at a time, from natural once-fired rifle casings. Our bullet pens will not only give you an excellent writing experience, but you will certainly stand out in the crowd. Quality and craftsmanship is our goal.
Building Your Bullet Pen

Building The Pen

We start the process by acquiring used rifle brass. We use (4) rifle calibers, 243 .308 .30-30 and 30-06 in the construction of our bullet pens. Each casing is unprimed, inspected for damage (the casings may have some small, minor scratches and possibly an extractor dent) which merely adds to the authenticity. The cases are then cleaned in a wet media tumbler for approximately 2 hours, dried and finally placed into a dry polishing media tumbler to finish the process. Once the cleaning, polishing, and inspection are complete, and we are satisfied that the casings will produce a quality bullet pen, we build it according to your specifications.

Care and Maintenance

The brass casings will naturally develop a patina over time due to everyday wear. Some customers love the dark rich patina, and others do not. To restore the pen to the original high polish, use cleaners such as Brasso, Wrights Brass Polish, or your favorite brass polishing compound.

Our pens are a great conversation piece and offer an excellent writing experience. Our bullet pens are built to be an ordinary pen. They can be displayed as a unique desk ornament or simply a fabulous gift. These bullet pens are perfect for Father’s Day, Christmas Gifts, Birthdays, Groomsmen Gifts, Veterans Day or a family member or friend who has served or is serving now.

Most bullet pens are built within one day of ordering.

The ordering process could not be any simpler to use with the drop down selection.

  •     First, choose the caliber and color configuration.
  •     Second, select the style of Pocket Clip.
  •     Third, decide if you want a Comfort Center Band.
  •     Fourth, pick a bullet tip color.

Your finished, it’s that easy.

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