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The act of tarnishing is completely normal for some pieces, especially those with brass cases, and in some cases with the nickel finish. Normal, day to day. exposure to the air, skin, water etc; some pieces will start to tarnish. This tarnishing effect is known as a “patina” and makes each piece unique, adding to the “recycled brass” look.
If you prefer “tarnish-free” brass, an occasional touch-up with an inexpensive metal cleaner will do the trick.
If you want a more tarnish-resistant product, we highly recommend buying a nickel-plated case ,as opposed to a brass case. This is an option for many of our products.

The shipping cost is generally dependent upon the size of the package required for the amount of items you ordered, the weight, the destination, and the carrier. We always strive to combine your order into one shipment, if possible, to reduce shipping costs. Some items will have a flat rate cost.

All our payments are accomplished with PayPal. We have found that this is the most secure and automated way to process your order.

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Yes. Each order will be sent with an Invoice.